Why 3-4-3 is the millennium of Barcelona’s domination?

By on March 11, 2017


It’s a difficult task for any football enthusiast to “sober up” after witnessing one of the best comebacks in the history of the game. We got back to our day to day life, but the essence of that magical night will be recalled as the one which pulled off a vital turn-around in FC Barcelona’s philosophy.

Luis Enrique, the man who has already declared about his departure from the Catalan giants, efore the astounding game was all set for a hundred-to-one comeback, as he declared in a press-conference that Barca can score six goals against their Parisian Champions League rivals.

There are a lot of opinions regarding Barcelona’s rebound, and part of them is keen on interpreting it inaccurately according to me. One of those interpretations sounds, for example like: FC Barcelona put in a brilliant showcase of their old-school traits, what I think is completely wrong. Why? That’s because Luis Enrique for the first time started the game with a whole-hog, revolutionary 3-4-3 formation that annihilated the opponent in the midfield and winded up the offensive moves and opponent’s mistakes extremely accurate.

In the previous games, when Enrique opted for formations with “three at back”, he used to start Sergi Roberto with a view to keep going with defensive balance, as the Spaniard could easily switch the game to a well-known 4-3-3 in case of a mess. In the match against Celta we witnessed a monumental triumph, sealed by the Catalan superstars with Messi and co’ being all above the opponent. Enrique’s final word was to start the game against PSG with a categorical 3-4-3 formation with three actual centre-backs.


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