Wisteria Tunnel Japan-A Holiday Spot

By on June 29, 2013
Wisteria tunnel in Japan is one of the top spectacular places on the planet. The tunnel is located in Kawachi Fuji garden in the city of Kitakyushu. The name Wisteria comes from the name of the flowering plants Wisteria, surprisingly about 150 different wisteria plants can be seen in this park. Passing through the wisteria tunnel, decorated with wisteria flowers, breathtaking flowers hanging just above your head for hundreds of meters, walking through this frangnant and colourful tunnel means, having the experience of paradise before death. 
A walk through the Wisteris tunnel

                  A walk through the Wisteris tunnel. Photo by udivitelno.com

Another awesome view of the empty Wisteria tunnel

    Another awesome view of the empty Wisteria tunnel-Photo by udivitelno.com

An eye catching road side in Wisteria garden

An eye catching road side in Wisteria garden-Photo by udivitelno.com

How to reach from the Capital Tokyo?

By Train

According to google maps and other sources, the garden is located at a drive of about 6 hours from the capital Tokyo. The total distance between Tokyo and Kitakyushu is km. Total time taken by Nozomi train is 5 hrs and the total cost for one way trip is 21,500 yen. Japan rain pass holders however can’t use Nozomi trains, they need to use Hiari and Sakura trains which take almost 6 hours to Kitakyushu.

By air

Several different flights on multiple times serve the travels from Tokyo to Kitakyushu. The main three companies are JAL, ANA, and Starflyer. One way cost on JAL and ANA is round about 37000 yen, Starflyer is comparatively cheaper with a regular one way fare of about 33000 yen. Several discounts can also be found many times.

More about the topic

  • Wisteria is a genus of flowering plants in pea family.
  • The largest wisteria garden is located in California, United States.
  • Best time to visit Wisteria garden of Japan starts from April up to mid May.
  • Wisteria garden is a private park and fee can be charged.
  • A wisteria festival is held from 25-27 of April every year.
  • Wisteria garden is among the world’s top spectacular places.

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