Travel To Cyprus Is Always Memorable

By on July 3, 2013
Lovely, lovely, lovely! That’s what we can use to describe the beauty of Cyprus – with its marvelous beaches fringed with clear azure water and a long, long list of archeological sites and attractions. No wonder the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, gave her sign of support when she was said to have risen from the island itself. Now, Cyprus beckons what fun awaits! Relaxing days filled with boundless beauty – this Mediterranean island has plenty of these. You will surely want to come back again and again, and Cyprus will welcome you with open arms.
A Lovely beach in Cyprus
                                            A Lovely beach in Cyprus.
One of the main attractions of Cyprus are its beaches. Indeed, the clear, warm and turquoise waters are particularly inviting, especially at the beaches in Ayia Napa and Protaras. Water-sports abound at Cyprus’ many beaches – you can indulge in some snorkeling, kite-surfing and water-skiing. There are also some water parks you can enjoy with the whole gang or with the family.

For more of nature’s bounty, climb up, up, up gorgeous Troodos mountains – with Mount Olympus at its very peak. There are a bevy of hilltop villages where you can just soak up and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. During summers, you can go bird watching, hiking and cycling. Winter times are for woosh, woosh, whooshing down the trail at the ski slopes. 
Green Hill Island Landscape
                                                  Green Hill Island Landscape
Archeological sites are also readily found in Cyprus, in fact this country has received recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wall that harks back to the Stone Age and even the Roman Empire’s still stand, well preserved. Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus is also home to Hama Omerye (a 14th century bath house) and a number of stunning Venetian walls (that have been kept intact all these years).
Chapel an early Christian Church                                             Chapel an early Christian Church.
Famagusta, the ancient city, also houses its original gates, as well as the Kantara castle. Other places you can visit include the Byzantine Museum, Guzelyurt Museum, the Shipwreck Museum, as well as mosques, castles and palaces (like the Vouni Palace and the Kyrenia Castle).

Of course, Cyprus is also an excellent place to celebrate the nightlife. The beachfront promenades in Nicosia are great places to party the night away, complete with the buzzing neon lights and the music.

Written by: Helena Chistensen

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