The Capital Of China, Beijing A Mergence Of Technology And History

By on October 27, 2013
Beijing is at least two thousand years old. Several hundred years before Christ, they say a Chinese kingdom made the present site the capital, and began building the outer walls; but the Chinese, the gentler Chinese who had all military spirit crushed out of them five thousand years before by having to tramp from ]Mesopotamia to where they now are in the eighteen provinces, these Chinese, I say, never had in Peking anything but a temporary trysting-place. 
a beautiful night view of the Beijing city
A beautiful night view of the Beijing city.              Photo by  KiRin Chen/flickr
For Peking stands for a sort of blatant barbarianism, mounted on sturdy ponies, pouring in from the far North; and the history of Peking can only be said to begin when Mongol-Tartars, who have always been freebooters and robbers, forced their way in and imposed their militarism on a nation of shopkeepers and collectors of taxes.
Tiantian park beijing city china
Tiantian park beijing city China.     
Today Beijing is one of the highly developed cities in the World. With skycrapers shaking hands with the hights of skies. The city is the economic and cultural back bone of of China. In addition to the marvels of technological developments, Beiing has allot to offer to tourist from it’s past history.

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