Ten Most Stunning Places In The World

By on July 5, 2013
Our beloved planet is full of exotic beauty. In addition to breathtaking greenery to spectacular beauties, it has allot of unusual fascinations too. Man has been trying to explore the amazing World for thousands of years but it has still allot more to offer.  The beauty of nature has always been the primary source of fascination from day one. Below is a list of ten most stunning and strange places on our planet which are quite unusual. 

The Great Blue Hole
Off the coast of Belize, at the center of the ocean lies a gigantic hole. With a depth of 124 metres the hole is totally circular in shape. The hole is thought to have formed during quaternary glaciation some 153,000 years ago. The hole is a part of A World heritage site.

The Great Blue Hole

                                        The great blue hole off the coast of Belize.

The devil’s tower

Devil’s tower is an igneous intrusion in the Black Hills in Crook county, United States. There have been controversial and disputed theories regarding the formation of Devil’s tower. The mighty rock is  1,267 metres high from the surrounding terrain. The name Devil’s Tower was assigned due to a wrong interpretation during an expedition in 1875. A recent proposal to change the name faced strong opposition as it may affect the tourism.
The devil's tower

Egyptian pyramids

Who don’t know about the giant Egyptian Pyramids! Several movies have been made about these ancient structures. These pyramids were built as tombs for the Egyptian Pharaohs thousands of years back. According to researchers and archaeologists, the number of workers who built these mighty pyramids possibly range from 20,000 to 100,000.

Egyptian pyramids

 The Stonehenge

Stonehenge was built in Southern England some 2500 B.C, the same time when the Egyptian Pyramids were under construction. Thousands of men worked on shaping and placing these huge stones. Some of them are about 45 tons. The monument is in a shape of a circle with a horse shoe like structure at the center.

The Stonehenge

The mysterious Bermuda triangle

What do you think about the Bermuda triangle, Mysterious, factious, or scientific? The region spans from the coast of Miami, Bermuda and San Juan forming a shape of triangle, covering roughly 500,000 square miles.The mystery of Bermuda triangle started after the successive disappearance of flights over the reagion in 1945. In March 1980 the US Navy lost a Navy ship with all 360 crew members in the same region. These are just a few of tens of other incidents documented about the Bermuda triangle.

The mysterious bermuda triangle

Lake NYOS Cameroon

On the West coast of central Africa lies one of  the World’s killer lakes, the Lake NYOS. Geologists say that the lake lies in the crater of a dormant volcano. In 1986 more than 10,000 people lived in the valleys that surrounds the lake. Then without any warning, tragedy strucked. On the 22nd of August 1986 at 09:00 pm, with a huge blast inside the lake, it’s color changed into bright orange. People smelled a rotten eggs like odour. About 1,700 people around the lake died within minutes.
Lake NYOS cameroon

Chocolate hills Philippines

Hundreds of dome shaped hills fill the Bohol, Philippines, astonishingly geometrical and in the dry season chocolate colored. The hills are made up of lime stone and clay. You may wonder how these hills become chocolate colored in dry seasons! well it’s because of the grasses which have completely covered the whole body of these domes. There are about 500 chocolate hills in the entire area.

Chocolate hills phillipines

Aurora Borealis

On arctic nights this aurora often flames across the winter sky. What is the reason and where does it come from? You will be amazed to know that this aurora is a gas and it directly comes from the sun. The energy of the sun is generated deep inside it’s core as a result of fission and fusion reactions. The temperature at the center is about 14 million degrees. These reactions generate light and huge amount of heat along with helium gas. These electrical currents of charged gas create a magnetic field inside the sun. At some spots strong magnetic fields erupt out and pushed their way up through the surface of the Sun. This electrically charged gas is called plasma. Portion of the erupted and elongated magnetic fields breaks up from the main belt and shoots out into the space. Billion tons of plasma, travels out in space with a speed of 8 million kilometres an hour. After 18 hours the solar storm reaches earth. When the magnetic belt reaches our planet, the earths magnetic field deflects the storm. The tow magnetic fields then couple together and create a funnel, the gas then streams down on the daylight side of the pole. This is the daylight aurora. The magnetic fields then stretch and couple together again on the other pole and stream into the night end of the pole. This is the night time aurora.

Aurora Borealis

    Image source: Destinations360

           National Geographic video

Kauai Falls Hawaii
Kauai is one of the oldest Islands in Hawai. This island is especially known for it’s diversity of waterfalls. The one in the image below is a unique waterfall which streams down into the earth instead of falling along a hill. Water from the sourrounding area collides to fall down into a huge hole.

Kauai falls, Hawaii

   Image Source: Flickr

Mount Roraima

The world’s highest waterfall drops more than 900 feet down the face of  a remote plateau in Venezuela, South America. Vast majority of tracks here remain un explored until quite recently. Mount Roraima is among the widely known and unique mountain. It has an area of 31 square kilometres and a height of 400 metres. The highest waterfall streams down from this mighty plateau of rock.
Mount Roraima

    Image Source: Flickr

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