Spectacular Places In Malaysia

By on July 13, 2013
The Klang Gates Quartz Ridge is a quartz dyke that runs through northeast of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia within Bukit Lagong-Kanching-Klang Gates region. With the dimension of more than 16 km long and 200m wide, it is longest of its kind in the world. The other major quartz vein in Kuala Lumpur is along Kajang-Cheras road, which is about 8 km long, however the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge is one-of-its-kind because it has four types of quartz formation. The area has five endemic plant species among 265 species, found nowhere else in the world. A rare animal, the serow is found here as well. Despite being one of the most unique geological formation in Malaysia, the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge has little conservation and currently being threatened by urban development.
spectacular places in malaysia
                                 Klang Gates Quartz. ©backpackingmalaysia                         
                          Way to The Klang Gates Quartz. © backpackingmalaysia         

Cameron Highlands 
Cameron highlands in Malaysia are lush green hilly areas in Titiwangsa Mountains. Situated at the northwestern tip of Pahang, the “Camerons” is approximately 90 kilometres (56 mi) from Ipoh or about 200 kilometres (120 mi) from Kuala Lumpur. It is the smallest constituency in Pahang. The area is one of the top tourist attractions in the country.

a great view of cameron highlands in malaysia

              A breath taking view of the Cameron Highlands.  ©Peter Gronemann/flickr

cameron highland resort in malaysia

                        The Cameron Highland Resort.   © Peter Gronemann/flickr

cameron highlands view

                         Local residences in Cameron Highlands.  ©Peter Gronemann/flickr

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