Spectacular Bora Bora Island

By on July 6, 2013
Our planet has allot to offer to those who search for awesomeness. God has spreaded the pieces of Paradise throughout the World. It is filled with spectacular places, awesome sceneries and amazing greeneries. Just getting out of the suffocating city life leads us to fairylands, lush green meadows and heavenly waterfalls.
a boundary view of the bora bora island
       A boundary view of Bora Bora Island. (photo credit: Gezikolik)
Located about 150 miles North-West of Tihiti, Bora Island is one small Island hidden one hundred and fifteen Islands. Formed by an ancient sunking volcano the six mile long and two mile wide Island of Bora Bora is actually one main Island sorrounde by a chain of many tiny islands.

Breathtaking greenery on Bora Bora

                   Breathtaking greenery on Bora Bora.(Photo credit: SO3003)

Bora Bora is considered by many to be the crown jewel of the natural beauty. Bora Bora is one of the remotest islands and is accessible either by boat of plane. But once you reach there you will see why it is worth the trip.

A spectacular hotel view in Bora Bora island
      A spectacular view of Hotel Bora Bora On the island.(Photo credit:Stephen Gum)

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