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By on July 3, 2013
If you have decided to take a break from your life and take some time to relax on the quiet beaches of Anna Maria, you may also think about bike rentals on Anna Maria. While relaxing on the beaches and letting the water touch your toes can be relaxing and pure heaven for most, there is also a great relaxation in biking along the bike paths that are on the island. There really is no set things you are going to see on the bike paths as nothing is fenced in, and natural wildlife roam the island freely. This means that you are going to be surprised each and every time, and you may just see something amazing in the path while biking through it.
Anna Maria Island Florida
                                            Anna Maria Island Florida

Bike rentals in Anna Maria aren’t hard to find at all as most of the people on the island, whether residents or tourists, rent and have bikes and get around the island this way. Not only is it easier and can keep the air clean, but the island only averages 7 miles in length and is rather quiet. There aren’t any amusement parks, and while this may be a bummer for some, for others who look to escape lots of people and crowds, Anna Maria Island is the ideal place to be.
When looking for bike rentals on Anna Maria Island, you can expect to pay between $25 and $60 a week for a bike, and fir children’s bikes, about $30. The fees are all going to depend on certain factors including the amount of time you want to have a bike as well as the type of bike you are interested in. The island is full of beauty and natural wild life, and because none of the animals or marine life is trapped, they roam freely, and there is always something exciting to see.
When you go to rent a bike, you are going to be greeted and treated like a resident of the island, and people are very friendly on the island. There are a few places that you can rent bikes on the island, and each one can get you on a bike and can guide you as to where the bike paths are and where they take you. Some of the paths are going to be shorter than others, and for those who have time to kill, consider taking one of the longer ones as this can really get you to see some interesting wild life that live in the forest areas.
Bike rentals on Anna Maria Island offer you the ability to find the perfect bike for the perfect bike ride along the islands costs and water lines. Now, your vacation can be both exciting and relaxing all at the same time. While others are on islands and major cities waiting in lines to get on rides and see attractions, you are relaxing on the beaches or riding through the hills and beautiful forests of the island.

Written by:  Paul Smith

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