Rakaposhi Peak Pakistan- A Magnificient Tourist Spot

By on June 29, 2013
With all it’s un describeable beauty and facination, Rakaposhi peak is situated in the beautiful Nagar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan Provice of Pakistan. With an elevation of 7,788m, it ranks 27th highest in the World and 12th highest in Pakistan. The peak is well known for it’s beauty than for it’s height, trecking to Rakaposhi is generally considered as a marvelous experience of one’s life. While on Karakorum High way along Hunza river, this beutiful godess is there to welcome tourists. The nearest viewpoint is a small park called as Zero point of Rakaposhi in a small village called Gulmet, just at the bottom of the peak (on the Karakorum Highway). 
Rakaposhi Peak Pakistan- A Magnificient Tourist Spot
Rakaposhi Peak Nagar, Pakistan-One of the most facinating tourist spots.
The following video clip has been made by Amjad Ali, a resident of Nagar valley from the above mentioned park “Zero point of Rakaposhi”.

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