Nassau, The Capital Of Bahamas, A Wonderful Tourist Destination

By on October 26, 2013
Nassau is the capital city of the state of Bahamas. It is the largest city with a population of 248,948 according to the census of 2010. Nassau is the the commercial backbone of the country being the economical, political and cultural hub. Government offices, judiciary and other major sectors of the government are elegantly planned in Nassau. 
a view of nassau Island Nassau Bahamas
A view of nassau Island Nassau Bahamas.               Photo by violetta/pixabay
The downtown of the city gets populated ever evening as people from around the city move to breath tropical air. With tens of historical monuments, parks, museums and art galleries, Nassau is a nice tourist destination. People from United states, United kingdom, Canada and Europe form a major portion of the tourist come here annually. 
Nassau thick tower castle Bahamas
Nassau thick tower castle Bahamas.                   Photo by Faceguard/pixabay 
Nassau was formerly known as Charles Town; it was burned to the ground by the Spanish in 1684. Rebuilt, it was renamed Nassau in 1695 in honour of the Dutch Stadtholder (stadhouder in Dutch) and later also King of England, Scotland and Ireland, William III from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau. In 1703 Spanish and French allied forces briefly occupied Nassau.

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