Karachi Pakistan-A Sound Tourist City

By on July 3, 2013
The leading and most colorful city in Pakistan, Karachi, is important with home tourists and has countless attractions to keep families occupied. A lively sea port and flourishing business have made this centuries old city home to approximately fifteen million inhabitants of separate origins including Sindhis and Muhajirs, making it one of the major and most crowded commercial cities globally. Karachi has in the recent past observed key infrastructure developments making travel less complex and more rapid. 

karachi pakistan tomb of the founder
                                    The Tomb of founder of the country.
One of the most important attractions in Karachi is its broad choice of fine sand beaches. The southern seashore along the Arabian Sea is an exceptional weekend visit for public looking to distract themselves and get away from the city’s hectic lifestyle. A key place for hefty turtles to lay eggs, Karachi beaches have many turtle hatcheries and more than often, families swing by at nights to catch sight of sizable numbers of turtles come ashore. The beach is scattered with shacks easily obtainable for rent or for ownership.
People in Karachi have a thing about exquisite meals and the previous many years have witnessed a vast expansion in the quantity of eating houses that have sprung up all around the city. Widely known places for coffee shops include Zamzama Boulevard and Hassan Square. You have the choice of eating in your car or inside an inviting coffee shop. The type of style ranges from Japanese to Pakistani and the quality is equivalent to what you would acquire anywhere on the globe. 
Chicken biryani, Pakistan's national food
                                    Chicken biryani, Pakistan’s national food.
In terms of historic places Karachi has a substantial number of old buildings that were developed at regular intervals throughout the British conquest, several of which are in average condition. However, a couple of most important spots include Mohenjodaro, the birthplace of one of the initial advanced societies on the globe and the Chaukhandi graves. Mohenjodaro is easily reachable by jet whereas the richly engraved, sand stone graves of Chaukhandi are just an hours journey by car from the heart of Karachi. 
Ancient Makli graveyard
                                                      Ancient Makli graveyard
In terms of the environment, the surrounding areas of Karachi have a couple of major lakes, which are home to a great variety of migratory birds and a famous incentive for bird watchers. A few hours travel by automobile is a point alongside the Indus River where people can observe the dying out blind dolphins. These splendid animals are a main attraction for environment lovers and the developing favorability has facilitated in increasing money for their survival.
Karachi is contemporary and quick paced like any urban city. Its population is quick to recover and pleased to label themselves as Karachiites and in spite of various security concerns in the past, Karachis roads remain crammed with vehicles and travelers right through the day.

Written by: Susan Williamson

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