5 Historical Spectacular Places In India

By on July 7, 2013
India is generally known for it’s huge population and famous film industry. But it also has tens of the World’s top tourist attractions. Beside the awesome natural beauties, the remains of it’s rich long history also welcome millions of tourists from all over the World. Following five spectacular places are just a few of hundreds of exotic beauties which this marvelous country possesses.
The Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal, a marvel of design and engineering is a love story in white marble, built by the great emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. In 1639 Mumtaz Mahal suddenly died while giving birth to a baby. This death devastated the remaining life of Shah Jahan with whom she spent as a companion in good and odd times. For two years he abandoned his extra ordinary life style. The strong bond of love with his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal forced him to built one of the World’s strongest and most beautiful display of architecture, a symbol of love for generations to come. It took him about 22 years to complete the mega project.  Many people call it the World’s most beautiful building. 
the taj mahal india
taj mahal a great tourist attraction
    Photo credit: Rahul Dubeyin
 Ajanta and Ellora Caves
Man dies but his spirit and courage remains forever. The Ajanta and Ellora caves in Maharashtra India is one of the examples. The mind blowing architecture on stone and designing marvelous buildings entirely by cutting into the hardness of the stone is a wonderful display of human spirit. These are about 30 rock-cut Buddhist monuments dating back to 2nd century. The entire walls are decorated with stunning carvings on the stone. 
ajanta and ellora vaves
                                            Ajanta and Ellora Caves India.
A closer view of Ajanta Caves
                                              A closer view of Ajanta Caves.
     Inside decoration of Ajanta Caves
    Photo credit: Parram41         Inside decoration of Ajanta Caves.

Akshardham Temple
Akshardham is a seat of  culture and values. A hundred acres cultural complex that enlights the soul from within with sites, sounds and silence. Akshardham is scientifically alive, artistically stunning and culturally moving. It combines the art, humanity, values and dignity. The construction of of Akshardham was completed in 2005 with 3000 volunteers helping 7000 artisans. The mighty site attracts almost 70 percent of all tourists who visit Delhi.
akshardham temple india

The Bekal Fort
Bekal Fort is the biggest fort in Kerala built in 1650AD, situated at Kasaragod district, North Kerala, India. It is among the top ten tourist attraction in the country. The fort is built on the shore of sea, with waves continuously striking against the walls of the fort. Millions of tourist from all over the World visit Bekal every year. Geologists say that the fort was built just for defensive purposes and not for any administrative purposes as no palaces etc have been found inside. 
the bekal fort india
                                            The main entrance to Bekal fort.

the bekal fort
                                  An exit towards sea.     Photo credit: Azim Rashid
Gateway Of India
 The Gateway of India sits of the water fronts of Southern Mumbai. This grand structure was built in 1924 by the British Government. It is the first building which welcomes visitors when they approach the city by sea. One of the specialities of the monument is that it uses both Hindu and Islamic Architecture. The fantastic structure is 26 metres high and brown in colour.

gateway of india

                                             Gateway of india, Mumbai.

gateway of india night view
                                                  Gateway of india night view.
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