4 Places To Visit In Trabzon, Turkey

By on March 11, 2016

Peristera Manastırı (Peristeri Monastery)

Peristeri Monastery

Built on the top of a mount at a height of some 250 meters in the year 752, The Monastery is a must see place for tourists coming from within and outside Turkey. The mesmerizing beauty of the area and the fresh air are always ready to hug the coming lovers of nature and history.

Bedesten (Bedestan)


Located in the center of city, Bedesten is known as the  enclosed markets of the Ottoman period. Also well known as the oldest building in the city. The resting place of Yavuz Sultan Selim ‘s mother Gulbahar Hatun is located between foundations. Bedesten is the only example of a domed Turkish bazaar.


Boztepe trabzon

Those who want to see the unique expanse of the Black Sea and the matchless beauty of the city of Trabzon must visit Boztepe . The bird-eyeview of the city from the peak will refresh your soul. Boztepe has been a place of special interest for photographers for the unique sunset views it offers.

Yaylalar (Springs)

springs in trabzon turkey

Trabzon, a place where nature and history play together. It’s a place filled springs of clean and natural mineral water. Lapazan, Garester, Haldizen, Şerah köyü (shera Village), Şekersu (Sugar water) are few of the examples.

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