FC Barcelona, became the team that can not win

By on August 15, 2017

We all know what needs to be done. We’ve all gone over it hundreds of times, over and over.

Real Madrid broke down during the Pep times and then got back up to the top using Barcelona’s emphasis on midfield and creative players. Now they rule Spain and Europe.

Barcelona has an ageing core of players and what it needs is creative players to aid and assist them. Instead the club gets mid table signings like Arda, Gomes, Paco, Paulinho, Douglas, Digne.

Mere signings won’t fix any of this. This can only be fixed with a change of leadership and direction. Currenty, the club is moving very fast towards a physical brand of football. Yesterday, it was Lucho’s midfield without MSN, the thing that used to hide his flaws from time to time. Santi Nolla, Mundo Deportivo’s director said last night that Barcelona needs as muscular midfielder. Not creative, or controlling. Muscular. The same narrative will be fed through the media, majority of the socis will accept it and Bartu will then eaisly justify Paulinho’s signing and many more like him that are coming.

We know what the club and the team needs to fix itself. And yet we all know it’s all not happening. There’s no use going over the same things hundreds of times, over and over.

Valverde is a board puppet, a yes man. Someone like Tuchel, Sampaoli or Sarri would never work with this board. The Sporting head is now Pep Segura, someone who loves English football more than Catalan. Someone who was instructing coaches in Masia to stop practising rondos and ball controlling drills and instead practice crosses. That person is now head of all sporting affairs. That person said last night that the way Barcelona played last night was our style.

We can’t do anything, except painfully watch some idiots tear apart the best team of all time into this shithousery. Watch the club we all love get worse every season. And we can’t do anything. Because the people who can, the socis voted for Bartomeu and are happy with Paulinho.

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