Florida Police Shot Black Therapist

By on July 21, 2016

A police officer in Florida has shot and wounded an African-American therapist who was caring for an autistic patient. The incident happened on Monday when a North Miami officer fired three times on the professional..

Behavioral therapist Charles Kinsey was laying on his back in the street near the patient whom he was trying to help. The unarmed therapist was admitted in the hospital.

Mr. Kinsey told media that he was trying to help an autistic patient who ran away from a group home. He found the patient in a street playing with a toy.

“All he has is a truck. A toy truck. I’m a behavior therapist at a group home,” a man is heard saying in the cell phone video as police officers are seen with their weapons drawn.

The Miami police department told in a statement that the officers responded to an armed man threatening suicide.

The officer is said to be placed under administrative leave and an investigation has been launched under Miami-Dade state attorney.

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