5 Points From Bernie Sanders’s South Bronx Speech

By on April 1, 2016
  • We don’t represent wall street, we don’t represent the corporate class we don’t represent the billionaires we don’t need their money.
  • 50 years ago if you had a high school degree you would get a job, technology has changed, quality of education has changed, we need to make public colleges and universities.
  • In the South Bronx ,  i want to let our kids  know that if they study hard they will be able to get college education no matter what their family’s economic situation is.
  • We shouldn’t be punishing people for getting an education, we should be rewarding them for that.
  • One of the differences between me and Hillary Clinton is that i didn’t hear to what Bush said in 2003 about war on Iraq and voted against it, Hillary heard it and voted for it.


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