Foreign-Backed Militants Behead Syrian Kid

By on July 20, 2016

A gruesome video that went viral on social media Tuesday shows Militants in the Syrian city of Aleppo taunting and beheading a child.

The victim is said to be a 12 year old Palestinian refugee from Handarat Refugee Camp in northern Aleppo. The militants had captured the boy a day earlier.

The militants belong to the US-backed Nureddin al-Zenki terrorist group who are fighting against the government in Damascus. The underage was accused of being a member of Al-Quds brigades which is the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement.

militants behead syrian kid

This screen grab shows the boy encircled by Militant group members.

IJM however denied that the boy was a member and rather call him a Palestinian refugee.

The video content shows a group of militants making mockery of the youngster before he is beheaded on the trunk of a pickup truck. The brutal beheading was carried out in public.

rebels behead youngster

Video grab image shows the boy being slaughtered on the back of a pickup truck.

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