Daesh Inspired Saudi Twins Kill Parents, Injure Brother

By on June 25, 2016

Saudi twins reportedly stabbed their own mother to death for her views about the takfiri group’s religious doctrine.

Saudi state TV Al-Ekhbariya reported on Friday that the 18 year old brothers stabbed their father, mother and younger brother. According to the report, they first chased the brother to the rooftop and stabbed him multiple times. Then came back and stabbed both father and mother.

Unconfirmed reports say that the twins decapitated their mother. The father also scummed to his injuries, while the younger brother is reported to be in critical condition.

The horrific incident happened in the Hamra neighborhood of the capital Riyadh. Police have apprehended the criminals while trying to flee the crime scene.

This has by no means been the only case of such a crime. Back in January, a Daesh saympathizer in the northern Syrian city of Raqqah publicly executed his mother after she tried to persuade him to flee together saying the Takfiri group was loosing ground against the army.

Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of Takfiri ideology across the Muslim World which is the main driving force behind terror groups like Daesh.

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