Samir Kuntar Killed in Israeli Attack: Report

By on December 20, 2015

Samir Kuntar, a high profile Hizbullah commander was martyred along with other members of Hizbullah in Jamaran, Southeast of the capital Damascus, reports say.

Israeli warplanes targeted a building where Samir and other comrades were residing. The building collapsed killing several Hizbullah fighters including Samir Kuntar.

Bassam AL-Kuntar, a brother of Samir Kuntar mourned on his Twitter account describing his brother’s martyrdom a victory.

Samir Kuntar, a fighter from Palestine liberation movement in Lebanon was captured by Israel in 1979 when he was just 16. Kuntar was accused of killing a man, his daughter and a policeman inside Israel. Samir however has continuously denied the accusations saying the girl and her father were in fact killed during the shootout with police.

After serving 30 years in Israeli prison, Samir Kuntar was freed as a result of prisoner swap between Hizbullah and Israel in 2008.

In July 2006, an Israeli military convoy came under Hizbullah attack. The attack left several Israeli forces dead and 2 others captured in the hands of the Lebanese resistance movement. Hizbullah secretary general Syed Hassan Nasrallah announced during a speech soon after the attack saying, the two captured Israelis will only be freed if Samir Kuntar and other Hizbullah members are freed from Israeli jails.

Israel however reacted with full military force instead of what Hizbullah initially expected ”a prisoner swap”. The war left many Lebanese civilians and Israeli forces dead. Hizbullah gave the most humiliating defeat to the Israeli military might in the long history of Arab-Israeli war. The war ended with Hizbullah’s victory after 33 days of intense fighting.

Two years after the war, Israel finally agreed to sit with Hizbullah on the negotiating table to make grounds for a prisoner swap, this was what Hizbullah has already offered Isreal before the war. However Israel had turned down this offer saying it won’t sit on any negotiating table with terrorists. The military defeat and the families of the two Israli soldiers who’s fate was still unknown, actually forced the Israeli regime to finally sit on the table with Hibullah.

After his release in 2008, Samir who belong to Druze sect converted to Shiite Islam and Joined Hizbullah.

Samir Kuntar’s actual role inside Hizbullah remained a mystery as is with all the other members of the Lebanese resistance movement. Hizbullah fighters never reveal their role in the movement even to their own family members. The resistance movement operates with highest secrecy in the face of intense Israeli surveillance.

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