Russia Annihilates Daesh Oil Tanker Convoy

By on December 24, 2015

Russian fighter jets have targeted and completely destroyed atleast two convoys of oil tankers belonging to the Daesh terrorist group in Syria.

A video released by the Russian defense ministry shows Russian Su-34 jets blowing up the trucks into flames. Several terrorists were also killed in the air raids. The air raids targeted the convoys near the Homs province. In the first attack a convoy of 8 oil tankers along with some military hardware and the accompanying personals was completely destroyed. Another joint raid by Russian and Syrian air force destroyed a convoy of 14 oil tankers and killed several Daesh terrorists.

Russia has stepped up it’s precision targeting of oil tankers used by the terror group to export Syrian oil to neighboring countries mainly Turkey. Russia accuses Turkey of supporting the terrorist group by providing it with all the logistic support and illegally importing Syrian oil from it.

Earlier in December the Russian defense ministry released satellite images of hundreds of Daesh oil tankers lined up on the Turkish-Syria border.

Since the start of the anti-Daesh operation, Russian forces have destroyed more than 1212 oil tankers allegedly used by the terrorist group to trade oil to neighboring Turkey.


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