US Aired Russian Daesh Air Strikes As It’s Own

By on November 22, 2015

On November 19 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) one of US’s major media networks aired a video in a program purportedly showing Russian anti-Daesh airstrikes as American strikes in an attempt to promote America’s so called airstrikes against Daesh terrorist group.

The video shows Russian air force targeting the terror group’s oil fields and hundreds of tankers which smuggle Syrian oil to neighboring Iraq, Turkey and other countries. Oil export is considered as the major source of income the terrorist group uses to proceed it’s activities in Iraq and Syria.

Earlier this week the Pentagon said it would start targeting Oil fields and tankers belonging to Daesh to cut it’s income supply line. The new operation is supposed to cripple eight major Syrian oil fields over the next several weeks, about two-thirds of which are said to be in Daesh’s hands. On November 16 US announced that it destroyed about 116 Daesh oil tankers in a evidence lack claim.

Just two days after the announcement Russia however destroyed 500 oil tankers belonging to the terrorist group and promptly released the attack video.

On November 19, a program dubbed PBS NewsHour used the Russian footage and passed them off as US airstrikes, without revealing the true source.

US is considered to be responsible for the creation and propagation of the terrorist group which suddenly emerged in Iraq last year. Previously US military air crafts were caught on tap airdropping weapons to the terrorist organization. Washington has been one of the staunch supporters of the terrorist groups in Syria.

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