Paris Attacks: Questions Still Keep On Rising

By on November 22, 2015

A series of shootings, suicide bombings and hostage taking rampaged across Paris the capital of France on 13 November. Three consecutive suicide bombings hit Stade de France in Saint-Denis, along with another suicide bombing and a series of mass shootings at four locations in Paris.

paris attacks raise questions

Presence of police and other security forces in public places is common nowadays in France.

Bataclan theater saw the most gruesome bloodshed ever seen in the western World for decades. 89 out of 130 people killed were shot one after the other after they were held hostage for almost 3 hours. Among 336 injured 80-90 were considered to have gotten life threatening injuries.

Seven of the attackers were also died in suicide bombing and shootout with the police. After World war II, Paris attacks were the deadliest on France’s soil.

The terrorist group DAESH which operates in parts of Syria and Iraq claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks.

French President François Hollande said the attack was “an act of war” by ISIL,”planned in Syria, organised in Belgium, perpetrated on our soil with French complicity.

The bombing occurred at a time when France was already in a state of high alert after another mass shooting back in January which took the lives of 17 people including security forces and civilians.

In the aftermath of the deadly Paris attacks, several questions stunned the French government. Security experts questioned homeland security and France’s role in dealing the Syrian terror groups for last 4 years. Some European governments who were already reluctant in opening their border gates for the persecuted Syrian refugees jumped in to blame the influx of refugees as the main reason behind the bombing.

Syrian refugees reaching european shores.

Syrian refugees reaching european shores. ©REUTERS.

Several questions which were raised on the media can be summed up as following:

  • Were France’s security intelligence services already aware of the deadly attacks?
  • Did the terrorists make their way into Europe with Syrian refugees?
  • Should Europe and US stop the entery of the Syrian refugees?
  • Were the Paris attacks another false flag op to divert public opinion and make ground for the Western hegemonic powers to increase their intervention in Syria?
  • Is their a relation between Paris attacks and Russia overpowering US in Syria almost uncovering US’s double standard behavior in the whole ISIS game.

Where the deadly attacks left hundreds of innocent people dead and injured the Muslim communities in Europe who have already been marginalized as a threat to Europe’s security were left on the mercy of religious radicals.

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