Confront Iran: Bibi Natanyahu Begs Us, UK

By on February 5, 2017

Israeli prime minister Natayahu has urged the United States and UK to confront the Islamic republic. He pleaded UK prime minister Theresa May and US president Donald Trump to adopt a tougher stance to confront Iran.

The Israeli Premier is set to visit Theresa and Trump later this month. While addressing to a cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv, he said one of the main objectives of his visit was to make a united front against Iran.

“In the diplomatic sphere, I intend to emphasize the need for a common front against Iran’s defiant aggression, which has raised its head in recent days. This must be done on an ongoing basis, but especially in light of Iran’s defiance against the international order,” he said.

Natanyahu had been lying to the UN

The prime minister who is widely known as a wholesale liar, had been fooling the International community of a non-existent threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb. He on various occasions, warned the World community at the United Nations that an Iranian nuclear bomb is on the way to the World body’s headquarters.

One day he even appeared in a session of United Nations General assembly with a cartoon bomb to harass the helpless members of the organization to death. With a red marker, the politician-turned nuclear scientist started filling the bomb with enriched uranium. The horrified, poor members of the UN kept on watching an evolving nuclear bomb in front of their very eyes dry mouth.

Natanyahu had been lying to the UN

Natanyahu describing how a nuclear bomb works at UN, New York.

JCPOA silenced Bibi for a while

When Iran and P5+1 group of countries adopted a historic nuclear agreement in October 2015, people of the World finally felt some relief in their ears from the crying wolf Natanyahu. However, with the election of Donald Trump as the new US president and Theresa May as UK’s Prime minister, Natanyahu seems to be finding himself in a hell of opportunities to invoke as many people as possible against a threat from Iran, but wait a minute, it’s not about a nuclear bomb this time. It’s about Iran’s ballistic missiles_ though Iran doesn’t have a nuclear bomb, Iran doesn’t seek one, but the tip of an Iranian missile may go nuclear anytime even without a nuclear bomb!

Donald Trump has been second to Bibi in criticizing the historic Nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group of World powers. During his election campaigns, Trump had warned that he considers the JCPOA a pathetic deal and would not spare anytime in annulling it once he takes the office of president.

New opportunities to cry wolf again

The current surge of accusations from the new US administration started after Iran successfully test fired a ballistic missile with Washington accusing Iran of violating international law. US president Donald Trump, who always prefers a twitter diplomacy, warned Iran in one of his tweets that ‘Iran is playing with fire’.

Violating the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA), Washington approved new sanctions against the Islamic republic.

Finding the ground fertile, Bibi Natanyahu seems to be rushing to the US to pump the brainless new president who just a day ago, found himself humiliated as the people and judiciary of the United States reversed a travel ban he had imposed on the citizens of six majority Muslim countries including Iran.

“New admin in US, new gov in Britain, new diplomatic opportunities for Israel. I have meetings in London tomorrow and in Washington next week,” Netanyhahu tweeted Sunday.

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