Will Trappist-1 Finally End Our Feeling Of Solitude In Cosmos

By on February 25, 2017

We have been on a crazy hunt for life in the cosmos since the time we came to know that other stars, like Sun, do have planetary systems similar to our own. We badly want to get some relieve from the feeling of loneliness in the infinite universe.

Our telescopes and our mechanical ambassadors that we have been sending to nearby planets in our own solar system with the hope of seeing even the slightest of a possibility that we have neighbors in the cosmos or at least there used to be some at times have so far return back with a big NO.

But hold on! We are not going to give up. With evolving technology, we are already broadening our hunt area in the universe.

So where are we right now in our search for life in the chaotic universe? We are on TRAPPIST-1. A relatively dwarf star with it’s own planetary system. At least seven rocks discovered so far.

So, what is special about this newly discovered planetary system?

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