8 Clever Small Space Organization Hacks

By on May 3, 2016

Small space living is not good always but sometimes it can be looked at with a brand new perspective_as an opportunity to use your creativity for organization. It can also help you greatly reduce your spending on bills. In this article i have discussed some of the best hacks for small space organization. Check them all and share your opinion in the comments section!

Over-the-door organizers

A clever way to save space, beautifully organize small spaces is to use over-the-door organizers. The are both easy to hang on any standard door and provide a creative way to store and protect shoes and other items. You can get one at amazon for as less as 9 with free shipping.

over the door hanger

OTD organizer comes in multiple designs, choose the one best suits your needs.

A OTD Wire Rack Comes With the Same Idea

You can use a wire rack instead of a over-the-door hanger depending upon the way of organization and the type of stuff you are going to organize. More or less, both wire rack and OTD hanger serve the same purpose. Both of these products will help you organize your pantry, kitchen, laundry room, garage, bedroom and closets.

wire rack for room organization

A wire rack comes in multiple designs and shapes.

Consider Rotating Clothes

Don’t waste closet space by keeping stuff that is not weather appropriate. Consider removing clothes you won’t be wearing during the ongoing weather conditions. For instance, you may consider placing all the winter outfits in a store during the summer days.

Consider Rotating Clothes

Under-Bed Storage

Using the space under your bed wisely will do wonders in small space organization. Especially comes handy when you don’t have a separate storage space or if you are facing too much stuff around you which you won’t be using for little longer. Make sure you buy a bed with enough height that can provide you with the required space under it.

Under-Bed Storage

Hang Your TV to Create More Space

Instead of placing your TV on the table, hang it on the wall. Keep the table underneeth for your books, movies and other small items. This will maximize both space and functionality.

Hang Your TV to Create More Space

Hack the Inside of Your Cabinet Doors

Intelligently use the back of your cabinet doors to hide your trash can or hanging pot lids. With multiple modifications, you can use that space for variety of purposes.

kitchen organization ideas

Install Corner Shelves

Install corner shelves to increase space and turn one of the empty corners into a good looking storage area. You are free to choose any type of shelve system including fixed and portable. Modern movable shelves give you a greater freedom in creating storage space.

corner shelves

Slide Out Storage Tower

A slide out storage tower in your kitchen with small space will prove very handy. It simply fills the space in between your fridge and wall at the same time swallowing in tons of kitchen items. You can easily make one out of scrap wood or buy one from amazon. A normal sized tower shouldn’t cost you more than 30.

slide out storage tower

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