These Kitchen Hacks Will Make You Say ”Wow! Why Didn’t I Think About This Before?

By on July 8, 2016

A genius approach is always good

Spending time in kitchen is sometimes as good as playing a favorite game. Think about cooking warm, hearty stews on a cold winter day.

But it’s not always the same. Sometimes we just want to get the job done as soon as possible. This may be because of our mode or we simply don’t have enough time to spend playing around in the kitchen.

In either case, a genius approach towards everything is a good idea. Below are some of the amazing kitchen hacks that you will love to practice!

More Juice From Citrus Fruits

Roll fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits etc on a hard surface before squeezing them. This way the fruits will give out maximum juice. This will also make the fruits soft and easy to squeeze.

Extend the life of bananas

Cover the stem of a bunch of bananas with plastic or aluminium wrap. This will extend the life of bananas to an additional five days. The bananas will stay longer without browning.

Cleaning Fruits

A mixture of baking soda and water is perfect for cleaning dirt and pesticides from the outside of fruits. Take a glass of water and put a table spoon-full of baking soda to make the mixture.

Find the rotten egg

If you are not sure whether the eggs in the carton are still fresh, no worries! Place them in a bowl or any other pot. Fill the pot with cold water and see, the eggs that stay at the bottom are the fresh ones. The one with swims to the top may not be!


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