The Capital Of Bolivia, Le Paz A Cultural And Economic Hub

By on October 31, 2013
Le Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia. The city located at at an altitude of roughly 3650 m, is the highest official administrative capital of a country. According to the census of 2008, the population of Le paz is 877,363. The city is surrounded by the mountains of Altiplano. At roughly 4000 m above sea level, Le Pa has an alpine or tundra climate according to wikipedia.
Le Paz bolivia capital
Le Paz is the backbone of country’s economy as it is home to Bolivia’s culture and Manufacturing. Almost all two-third of the country’s products are manufactured here in Le Paz. The city is culturally highly rich with a strong tourism income,. It has several cathedrals belonging to the colonial times, among them are the Sanfrancisco cathedral and Metropolitan cathedral.

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