The Capital Of Bhutan, Thimphu A Lush Green And Cultural City

By on October 29, 2013
Thimphu is the capital city of the state of Bhutan. It is a lush green valley sorrounded by green mounts and mountains. The city is one of the least populous cities in the World with a population of 79,185 people living within the city. It is one of just few capital cities in the World having no airport facility.
beautiful green thimphu city bhutan
Vew of Thimphu from the bhudda point.                 Photo by  Sudar Muthu/flickr
The Thimphu city is sometimes referred to as the whol Bhutan it travel and tourism terms, because it is considered that Thimphu represents the Whole country culturally. There are several architectural monuments representing the culture and history of Bhutan. Most of the monuments are fortress type of buildings.
A religious ceremony at Thimphu chorten
A religious ceremony at Thimphu chorten.         Photo by  Bhutan-360/flickr
Thimphu city is highly elegantly planned with it’s planned construction still going on. The funding is offered by the central government as well as the World bank. The objective is to retain the cultural and ecological structure of the city.

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