This University Student Proved His True Love for His Mother

By on March 9, 2016

How far can you go in your love for your mother? This university student surprised the world and wrote a new chapter of sacrifice. The gift he presented to her on her deathbed changed things altogether.

He Proved He Loved Her So Much

How can you prove your love for your mother at your best? By being obedient to her may be? Yes, that’s a way of showing your love and respect towards your mother! But for this 19 years old Pakistani boy, it costed him his life to prove that he really loved his mother, that he loved her more than anything else in this World.

Boy donated liver to mother

She Recovered He Passed Away

Faizan Iqbal was a student of Computer Sciences in GC University Faisalabad. His mother was suffering from Hepatitis C, a life threatening disease. Doctors told that the only hope for her life was a liver transplant. Faizan accompanied her to Inida where he donated his liver to her.


There Are People Who Can Sacrifice

Doctors in New Delhi’s New Dawn hospital transplanted a part of liver taken from Faizan to his mother Shaheen. His mother gradually recovered but Faizan passed away just two days later because of a blood infection .

This shows there are still people out there who can actually sacrifice their lives for their loved ones, said Faizan’s elder brother. 

faizan donated liver to mother

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