How to Organize Every Space in Your House

By on February 1, 2017

Oh the battle for organization

It is a constant struggle around here. With two crazy boys running around, this place can feel a little like a madhouse when it doesn’t have some semblance of organization, so I’m always working to improve and tweak systems, get rid of clutter, and keep away as much chaos as possible!

As I’ve spent years learning about organization and trying different methods in my home, I’ve created a simple system that I can use when I go about organizing just about any area in our house.

When I get emails from readers that say “I feel so unorganized and don’t know where to start!” I tell them to pick one space in their home (It doesn’t have to be a whole room; it can be something as small as one drawer!) and use the following steps to declutter and organize it. Then they can move on to the next area and the next. It won’t happen overnight, but if you chip away at the clutter little by little, before you know it you’ll start feeling organized! Who knew?!

So what is this magical system? 😉 It’s simple really…

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