Salty and Roselle Saved the Lives of Two Blind Men

By on March 10, 2016

Salty and Roselle

Salty and Roselle were not taking part in a search and rescue mission, they were two guide dogs with their blind owners. Omar Rivera and Michael Hingson were inside the World Trade Center during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

salty and roselle

Salty and Roselle were awarded a joint Dickin Medal by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals on March 5, 2002.

Salty Saved Omar


When the attacks occured Omar was in the 71st floor of the tower 1. Salty started leading him down, on the half-way down a co-worker tried to help Omar separately but Salty refused to leave him and led him all the way down to safety.

Roselle Saved Hingson


At the time of the attack Hingson was in the 78th floor of the tower 1 with Roselle sleeping under his desk. Roselle woke up with the sound of the airplane crashing into the tower some 15 floors above them. Understanding the situation, Roselle started leading her owner down to a place of safety. As per Mr. Hingson, when every one else was nerves Roselle remained calm and focused on her duty.

The Dickin Medal Award

dickin medal

Satly and Roselle remained loyal to their owners and proved being courageous by leading them down more than 70 floors of the tower. The two dogs further led their owners to a place of safety.  This act of loyalty and bravery earned them the Dickin Medal from the British charity.

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