How to Grow your Hair Faster – Help your Hair Grow Faster

By on April 18, 2017

Why These Ingredients

Castor Oil:
If you are looking for a quicker hair growth, Jamaican Black castor oil is the answer. I used this oil to make my eyebrows and lashes grow thicker and longer. Sometimes, I simply use the castor oil and massage it directly to my scalp and leave it overnight.

The castor oil works effectively if you’re dealing with some serious problems such as bald spots, or thinning hair.

Egg :
Rich in vitamins, proteins, and super-nurturing fatty acids, the egg will not only make your hair shinier, softer and healthier, but they also help you to grow it long as well.

Loaded with vitamins A, D, and E that help prevent any hair loss and thicken thinning hair, while D itself promotes new growth and keeps split ends at bay.

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