5 Minute Total Ab Toning Home workout

By on April 5, 2017

Lots and lots of you pretty ladies have been asking me for a quick ab toning workout that you can do straight from your living room and so here it is!

I am currently almost 20 weeks pregnant; however, as long as I am able, I love pleasing my whole audience since I realize not EVERY one of you ladies are pregnant! However, this is not meant to be an exercise for pregnant women.

Do I usually work my abs during pregnancy? No, not really. But, as my body is physically conditioned to still do some moves, I listen and take it slowly.

Here is a fun little workout that you can do in addition to my 12 week home workout bundle!

This is a quick and effective little ab workout that targets each part of your abs. You will totally feel the burn!

Here is a 5 minute ab workout that my non-preggo audience can certainly enjoy:

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