5-minute “Almost-No-Work” Plank Workout

By on February 27, 2017

Working your abs is not an easy job! Each of the abdominal muscles respond to training at a different rate, and there is another group of abdominal muscles just below those ‘6-pack’ muscles with fibers pointing in the opposite direction, which makes up your core. This is why no single exercise can attack the core and why it’s so gang hard to work them!



Steps you must do:

1- one minute full plank

2- 30 second elbow plank

3- Raisd-Leg plank 30 second each side

4- side plank 30 second each side 

5- 30 second full plank

6- one minute elbow blank

The photo below will help you to do all the movements without mistakes ..

dont forget to pin it !!

15 Minutes to Build a Booty:

Here is one of my FAVORITE no equipment at home workouts for when I want to target my glutes and continue building myself a booty.

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