10-Minute Butt Workout That Will Fire Up Those Glutes

By on May 20, 2017

Will this speedy routine take the place of your morning coffee? No. But will it help wake up your glutes and jumpstart your day? Absolutely. The workout, designed by Jill Penfold, certified personal trainer and creator of the 12-week LA Bride Body program, is only 10-minutes long and includes a few exercises that hit your abs muscles, too. And if you’re feeling really glute-tastic today, here are a few butt moves to do before you head to sleep.

How To Do The Workout:
Warm-up with 45 seconds of jumping jacks. Then do as many reps as you can of the first move in 45 seconds. You have 15 seconds to rest before moving on to the next exercise. Continue until you complete all four moves. Repeat the circuit one more time (using the opposite leg for a few of the moves), then finish with one minute of elevated plié squat pulses (30 seconds each side).

Time for the circuit—do the whole thing twice.

1- Step Up With Knee Lift – 45 seconds

  • Stand in front of a box or step, about one foot away.
  • Step up with your left foot and drive your right knee up towards your chest.
  • Step your right foot back to the starting position and follow with your left foot.
  • Do all reps on one side for the first round, then repeat on the opposite side for the second set.
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