The Old Sana’a City Yemen, A Symbol Of Ancient Architechture

By on October 12, 2013
The Old Sana’a city is an iconic symbol of ancient architecture and urban life style. Old sana’a city is a fortified portion of the current capital of Yemen, Sana. All the buildings in Old Sana’a city are thought to be built before or during the 11th century.
a spectacular view of the old sana'a city
    A spectacular view of the old Sana’a city, Yemen.                                                      Photo by  eesti/flickr
The Old sana’s city has been inhabited for more than 2500 years. Archaeologists think that, having an ancient city, almost intact at this time is something to be preserved. In order to preserve the historical masterpiece, it was declared as a World heritage site in 1986. All the construction in the city is made from bricks made of clay. Most of the buildings are multi-storied, towers on many buildings are also still intact.
night view of the old sana'a city yemen
    A beautifu night view of the Old Sana’a city, Yemen.                                         Photo by  judaluz83/flickr
Buildings like the Great mosque of Sana’a is 14,00 years old. The mosque is still popular among the historical buildings around the World. Soon after the arrival Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Yemen became the one of the important centers for the propagation of Islam. In Islam and among the Muslims, Yemen has got a considerable dignity and it’s because the Holy Prophet (PBUH), as per Islamic teachings, has praised the land of Yemen.
fortified buildings in the old sana'a city yemen
    Most of the buildings have a fortified structural design.                                      Photo by  CharlesFred/flickr
Archaeologists are of the opinion that, the designs of most of the construction demonstrates a protection objective. As being a major trade center in 7th and 8th centuries, Sana was in a continuous danger of foreign occupation. The houses are big and every house displays a model of fort, clearly showing the objective of protection behind it. The architectural professionalism and craftsmanship is still a symbol ancient engineering.

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