How To Turn Cabinet Door Knobs Into Wall Hooks

By on April 9, 2017

Learn how to upcycle wooden door knobs into wall hooks – for that timeless modern yet rustic appeal!



Seeing as this my first time participating in the Thrift Store Challenge, I’ve decided to keep things simple. Like real simple!

A few months back I thrifted in a very unconventional way. I eBay-ed (yes totally making that into a verb) a set of used wooden cabinet knobs from a local seller.

After giving them a quick clean and polish, I turned them into wall hooks for my entrance (which is getting a mini makeover of its own this month.


Door knobs used as wall hooks to hang coats / Grillo Designs

If you’ve ever tried searching online for trendy coat hooks and felt put off by some of the extremely high prices , you’d appreciate just how golden this idea is. And just how much money you could be saving yourself!


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