DIY Best Corner Shelves

By on March 4, 2017

For me, a successful decor must have shelves somewhere. Nothing like it to dress up its walls. Of all the times, it is one of the objects that the designers have worked the most. I find that having an original shelf in her home is a simple and effective way to create a point of attraction. And it is sometimes enough just to use a corner, to turn the boards unexpectedly to obtain an amazing result. I have unearthed here and there ideas of angle shelves, ranging from the most elaborate to the simplest. For some, it is necessary to turn to a cabinetmaker to realize them, like this model below realized by the Dutch firm Gewoon Hout. For others, you will find them in the trade where you can make them yourself. I let you discover these many ideas.

DIY Elegant Shelves with Brackets from Hobby Lobby and a Piece of Wood.

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