DIY: Floating Shelves above toilet in small bathroom

By on March 28, 2017

  One of the biggest challenges with small bathrooms is lack of storage for toiletries used on a daily basis. Many people opt for a mirrored medicine cabinet. However, in a best case scenario, they are limited in shelf space and not very stylish. By adding floating shelves above a toilet that are custom fit for the space, it provides enough space to hold smaller baskets, jars, and containers to hold everything one would need without looking cluttered.

To make the floating shelves pictured here, you can follow This Tutorial EXCEPT I didn’t use a bottom piece and instead of using 1x4s for the facade and 2x3s for the support,  I used 1x2s (common 1x2s for the support and premium 1x2s for the facade) and 1/4″ plywood for the top.

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