The Most Amazing Oven Roasted Corn

By on May 6, 2017

oven roasted corn

This most amazing oven roasted corn is outrageous! It’s almost hard to believe because it is so ridiculously simple to make, as well! This has now become a regular rotation in our dinner menus at home. Hot out of the oven, you must top it off with some butter, salt and pepper and it’s absolutely heavenly! Eat it fresh from the oven but don’t just stop there! I love to cut the kernels off the cob and use them in fresh salads and homemade chicken pot pies.


You can really taste the difference when you’re using fresh corn on the cob! And it’s not only for the summer! I recently spotted some fresh ears of corn in Whole Foods so we were eating this while there was snow on the ground! Imagine how spectacular it tasted….a real treat in the winter months!

I hope your family loves this oven roasted corn as much as we do. Using nonstick foil on your pan also makes for a nice, easy clean up. Perfect after a long day of work! If you try this, let me know what you thought! Can’t wait to hear.

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