These 6+ Tips Will Make Your Moving Much Cleaner & Easier

By on April 1, 2016

Moving to a new home is not all about most of the people dread. It’s not all about the cost effectiveness of the process. There are certain other things which are equally important for a smooth and clean move.

For instance:

  • Saving, time, energy and stress.
  • Correctly organizing the suff minimize damage.
  • How the family pet should the treated on the packing day and so on.

Get rid of the unnecessary stuff

Prior to making the magic list which i will explain on the next page, look around the house and make a note of the stuff which is not usable anymore. Collect the stuff at one place to make sure that it is going to be excluded from the magic list. You may find things that you don’t need at least in your new house.

Another option to deal with unwanted stuff is to look if any of the stuff is usable for your neighbor/relative. You may find things that you don’t need at least in your new house.

Use the right tools

There are lots of tools out there to help you through your move. A moving checklist is a great tool to help keep everything organized, while other tools, such as a black marker, can help you label boxes and keep things in order.


Using the right tools at the right moments can be a true lifesaver when things get a little bit too chaotic to handle. Using the right tools at the right times is more important that which tools that you choose to use.

Make the magic list

The first and most important thing to start with your packing process is to make a technical list of the stuff. This can be done in multiple combinations but the one which worked the best for me is to write the names of all the rooms/bathrooms as headings. Now visit every place and write down the stuff belonging to each place under it’s section.


You can convert this written table into physical form by writing down the room/section number on cartons. Once all the cartons are ready, you are good to go with putting the designated stuff into the cartons/boxes.

You can also use the same technique to group stuff on the basis of their different features. For instance you can put all the glass items into one box.

This schematic packing will do far better during the unpacking process.

Take a snap of your electronic connections

Before you remove all the electronic connections  take snaps of the connections. When you are ready to connect them back in the new place, these snaps will be quite handy in re-establishing the connections correctly.

Move drawers with contents

This is a simple tip which makes moving stuff a hundred times easier. Instead of emptying your bedroom dresser and other drawers off content, cover each drawer with plastic wrap and that’s it, they are ready to be transported with content.

Tips from the experienced!

James Corbin had to move several times and this gave him a perfect experience of what to do and what not to. He shared his valuable tips with users. Below are the 4 tips out of what he practically experienced:

“Having moved several times, including recently, here are some of my ideas.”

1. Paper boxes are great for packing and you can usually find plenty around the office. Their advantage is that you don’t have to tape the tops on and so it makes it much easier when you are looking for something after moving.

2. Put any valuables like computers at least in the middle of the truck. We had our truck broken into while at a hotel and fortunately we had nothing of value at the back of the truck. They cut the lock, lifted the door, and took nothing!

3. Too many helpers get in the way. Ideally, best to have one or two helping you. Any more and they can actually slow down the process.

4. If you are moving yourself, go with a quality moving company. I have used them all and the last two moves, one long-distance and one local, were with Penske. Their trucks are newer and in better condition. You are also much more likely to actually have a truck when you reserved it instead of just a reservation number. You get what you pay for.

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